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"Play like a Pro"

21 gram Counter Weight


Counter-weight technology continues to be a proven method for
increasing the feel of any golf club.

These weights are 100% made in the USA.

The 21 gram increment was derived from extensive field testing and was proven to

increase feel, accuracy and distance. The counter-weight slows down your hands just
enough to promote a proper back swing, keeping the club head just behind your hands

n the take-away. As you begin the down-swing the weight provides just enough
momentum to drive your hands down and through the impact zone.

This combination of feel & action promotes a better golf swing,

leading to straighter and longer golf shots.

Many golfers also prefer a counter-weight on the putter.

The added weight improves the balance and promotes quieter hands which reduces the
putter head movement through
the impact zone.

The weight installs in seconds to top of any golf grip. No glue or special tools are

needed. The connection is secure, but can be reversed and used again.
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